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Welcome to PDSA My Vet Store

We offer competitive prices and what’s more all income from this online store supports the charity work of PDSA.

Providing a range of quality food, bedding, toy and preventive treatment products, delivered direct to your home in 2-3 days for a standard fee of just £4.95. 

Order today and support PDSA!   pdsa.myvetstore.co.uk



PDSA Registered charity nos. 208217 & SC037585


Popular Products

  • Hill's Prescription Diet Feline d/d Venison & Green Pea

    Price from £14.30
  • Purina Veterinary Diet Feline EN Gastroenteric

    Price from £13.43
  • Pet Pawrium Collar by PDSA

    Price from £2.64
  • Hill's Prescription Diet Canine i/d

    Price from £14.30
  • Adaptil Diffuser & Refill

    Price from £22.49
  • Feliway Spray

    Price from £8.30
  • Mini Flea & Dust Comb

    Price from £2.21
  • Skinners Dog Premier Large Bite

    Price from £26.62
  • Halti Harness

    Price from £10.42
  • Adaptil Dog Collar

    Price from £19.52
  • Yumove Cat Sprinkle Capsules

    Price from £14.88
  • Hill's Prescription Diet Feline r/d

    Price from £13.90